SUBLIMATION BLANK Hogwarts Crest Door Hanger Wall Art

SUBLIMATION BLANK Hogwarts Crest Door Hanger Wall Art


WALL HANGER  – BLANK FOR SUBLIMATION- This item is not the finished product. You will recieve a blank that you will be able to press an image onto using sublimation. 

This item required a heat press.

Appx size is 11″ x 12″ and 3MM thick.

It has 2 holes for hanging. This one is only coated for Sublimation on one side.


Pressing Instructions: Note: Time, Temp and Pressure may be different, depending on your heat press. 

  • First Remove the film from the white side of the substrate.


    If there is any dark residue from cutting remove it with a soft, slightly damp cloth and a bit of soap.

  • Place transfer paper facedown on MDF, with White part facing up. secure if with heat tape. (heat tape is not always applicable, but I recommend it so that ghosting does not occur)


    Press for 50 seconds @ 380 degrees medium pressure. If heat tape is used, allow to cool completely before removing transfer paper.